KnucklGRIP Ultra-Thin Golf Glove

☑ Snug Fit, Ultra-Thin

☑ Less than $15 per glove

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☑ Sold in 3-Packs

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Size: Medium
Exrtra Large

Join the Revolution! Away from klunky, ill-fitting gloves. The Original Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Lite golf glove. Less than $17.00 per glove when purchased in special 3-Pack.

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Join the Revolution! Throw away those klunky, loose-fitting golf gloves you’ve used your whole life. KnucklGRIP Ultra-Thin Golf Gloves fit snugly, but remain flexible. The ultra-thin, ultra-lite design allows greater touch and feel on the club, for greater distance and accuracy.


Snug, Flexible Fit

Golf gloves are typically the least appreciated equipment in your golf bag. A good glove can enhance touch and feel on the club, increasing accuracy and power transfer. After two years of research and development, we believe we have created the thinnest, lightest glove you’ll find anywhere.